Does My Food Affect Libido And Intercourse Performance

Does My Food Affect Libido And Intercourse Performance?


When Maslow prepared his hierarchy level pyramid, he placed sexual desires among the most basic needs besides water and hunger. Indeed he is correct to place it among the essential needs because our sexual desires are not only a way to attain pleasure they are also associated with the emotional and psychological health of the individual.

Hence, it is imperative that we maintain those body systems that help in effectuating these desires and aids in the overall maintenance of the body. The sex hormone is one such part of the body which is responsible for maintaining and regulating various other bodily functions in addition to the regulation of the reproductive system in males.

It is essential that we look after of all those factors that hinder the production and stimulation of testosterone in the body. These factors include protection from the environment, observing the eating habits and confirming that the food you eat does not harm the body or any of its systems.

What affects Testosterone?

When talking about the testosterone levels and the endocrine system scientists have found that there are certain types of foods that cause troubles for the testosterone levels and the entailing functions. Among all the food types’ fish is the most dreading food that can hinder the testosterone production and decrease its levels not only in adult males but also in younger boys who have not yet crossed puberty. People choose to take many supplements and follow certain remedies that can help them regulate the testosterone levels, but if you take all these remedies on one side and compare to x180 supplement the scale will be skewed towards this supplement.

The fish is a potent endocrine disrupting elements carrier, and when eaten by men and boys it exhibits some severe problems for them. The pollutants present in the fish can inhibit the sex steroid hormones synthesis, and they can also pose an obstacle for the hormone receptors. All this results in diminishing the levels of testosterone in the body, and the lower levels of the sex hormone have various effects like fatigue, lower bone density, soft muscles, lower resistance to pain, and high vulnerability of depression. 

Sexual Impairment:

When the young boys are exposed to these pollutants by eating fish, they are prone to impairment of sexual development in the body. To find out more about the effect of EDC’s and the carrier fish that we eat on the male reproductive system follow  So, the next time you want to have some fish, ensure that it is not contaminated and is cooked well before serving. This shows that in addition to saving the whales and other fish in the water, there is a need to regulate the unauthorized and un-tested fish sale in the market.

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