Infection Control

611 ViewsIs there a way to avoid the 14-day quarantine that is being recommended for patients in healthcare facilities? Due to the frequent close contact between patients receiving healthcare and healthcare staff, a 14-day quarantine period is recommended for both patients receiving care and those who have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2. These documents indicate that […]

How Is Delta 8 Different From CBD?

642 ViewsThe psychoactive component in marijuana attaches to cannabinoid receptors within your brain. This alters your perception of things. This means that it causes a high or an intoxicated feeling and disrupts your body’s normal functions. CBD Cannabidiol, one of the most common chemical compounds found in hemp plants, is a popular supplement. People around […]

The Latest Info On CBD

601 ViewsDespite the fact that hemp has been around for a long time, many questions remain about its effects. We know CBD isn’t intoxicating but we don’t know how much it remains in the body. According to recent reports, CBD may have different absorption rates depending upon your body type, age, metabolism, and other factors. […]

How Extraction and Distillation Create CBD Concentrates

760 ViewsThat CBD oil you love to use as an all-purpose tonic actually comes from a plant. So does the medical cannabis product your friend uses. In order to make both products, manufacturers need CBD and THC concentrates. Both are created through a multi-step process that relies mainly on extraction and distillation. Needless to say, […]

Suicide Among Veterans Is a Growing Problem

618 ViewsMilitary veterans of all stripes can find transitioning back to civilian life difficult. Things are especially troublesome for veterans with active combat experience. They seem to have more difficulty as evidenced by the number of suicides in their ranks. And unfortunately, suicide among veterans is a growing problem in this country. Statistics show that […]