Lose Weight in A Safe and Healthy Way

Dr Richard Nahas Explains How to Lose Weight in A Safe and Healthy Way



According to Dr Richard Nahas, a lot of people market a quick and easy weight loss journey that can be achieved with intense workouts and strict diets. However, that’s unsustainable and often unsafe. Instead, you need to make many lifestyle choices that let you lose weight in a safe and healthy way. Let’s check out how you can do that.

The Explanation

1. Cut off processed and fast food – Processed food contains a lot of sugar, salt, sodium and a ton of empty calories. The same holds for fast food. They are nutrient-deficient and calorie-dense. Those foods aren’t just bad for your health on a fundamental level but alter your eating habits as well. They lead to eating disorders, overeating and obesity while increasing risk factors for several diseases. That’s why you need to cut out fast foods and processed foods from your life and make healthier choices to lose weight.

2. Quit added sugar – Sugar can be difficult to avoid. Since sugar is dense in calories and energy, nature has designed humans to seek out sugar since their hunter-gatherer days. You literally get dopamine hits from sugar, so you seek out more of it. In the US, men over 19 years old consume an average of 19 teaspoons of sugar while women of the same age group consume around 14 teaspoons of sugar regularly.

On the other hand, the recommended daily sugar intake for men is 9 teaspoons and for women, it’s just 6 teaspoons. Things would be less grim if you were consuming unrefined sugar. However, most sugar in the US is fructose that your liver turns into fat. That’s why you need to cut down on added sugar. If you need to add a hint of sweetness, use honey, brown sugar and other such ingredients in moderation.

3. Drink black coffee and stay hydrated with water – Coffee has some positive effects on your health. Apart from making you more attentive to focus on your tasks, coffee can also improve your body’s metabolism of fats and carbs. Drinking a cup of coffee each day can help you inch closer towards your weight loss goals.

On the other hand, water is your weight loss buddy. It contains no calories and offers a ton of health benefits. Drinking water throughout the day helps to increase metabolism. Moreover, drinking water before your meal can help you feel fuller and consume fewer calories.

4. Increase cardiovascular and resistance training – Cardiovascular training helps you to burn more calories in a short period while resistance training helps to build muscle and burn calories even when you aren’t doing anything. Resting muscle tissue burns more calories. So, increasing lean muscle can increase your metabolism and help you burn more calories effortlessly.


Dr Richard Nahas suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to start and sustain your weight loss journey. Don’t fall prey to ‘fad’ exercise routines and excessively restrictive diets that endanger your health by shedding a few pounds within a short time.

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