Post Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

What to Expect in the First Year Post Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery


Sleeve gastrectomy is one of many bariatric surgery options currently available in Dallas and other locations. This surgery is minimally invasive and results in drastic weight loss. Even though the surgery promises many benefits, it is common for some patients to have unrealistic expectations. While most patients record success, some fail to reach their weight-loss goals because of failure to follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions, and others suffer complications due to genetic comorbidities.

Through this article, we will discuss what to expect in the first year after sleeve gastrectomy.

1. One to Three Months Post-Surgery

This period is the most crucial in terms of recovery. A patient needs to follow a strict diet that usually comprises liquid and semi-liquid food. During the initial one to three months post-surgery, a patient may experience pain, diarrhea, and nausea. If the ailments are persistent, they should consult their doctor to get an assessment of whether or not the surgery was successful. The focus during this period should be towards total healing of the incisions.

2. Six Months Post-Surgery

After six months of a sleeve gastrectomy surgical procedure, the patient loses about 30-40% of the excess body weight. It is recommended to start on an exercise regimen and inculcate healthy life choices six months post-surgery. During this period, patients may experience some post-surgery side-effects like the dumping syndrome. Although the side-effects are rare, patients should always be on the lookout and consult a specialist in case of any flare-ups.

3. Nine Months Post-Surgery

Patients who don’t follow an appropriate diet or supplement appropriately can suffer from vitamin deficiencies or fail to record sufficient weight loss results. You should go to your surgeon for a routine visit during this period. Some individuals may have to consider revisional bariatric surgery at this point if they fail to reach their weight-loss goals. If a patient approaches an experienced practitioner for the initial sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Dallas and sticks to the set dietary and exercise regimen, these problems shouldn’t arise.

4. One Year After Surgery

After a year to 18 months following sleeve gastrectomy surgery, patients lose 70-80% of their excess weight. If there are any discrepancies in the weight loss, patients should consult their surgeon to find and address the cause. Patients can also resume their normal activities, with some dietary changes. As the stomach will now be much smaller, patients need to consume nutrient-rich food to fulfill their nutrient requirements and stay away from empty calories and alcohol.

To Conclude

The sleeve gastrectomy procedure is an excellent way for obese people to lose excess weight. Its minimally invasive nature, low cost, and host of other benefits have made it popular in the bariatric community. It remains important to have realistic assumptions on what to expect after a sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Search online for a leading medical center offering sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Dallas to discuss your weight loss goals and chat the road to success with the help of experienced surgeons.

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