Why is SEO important for Healthcare?


With SEO being all about getting free traffic from search engines, it is logical that this applies equally to the healthcare industry.  After all, everyone gets sick or hurt at some point in their lives. So most people will be searching with one kind of health issue or another with their browser pointed at Google.

Looking at the worldwide SEO leader board for healthcare, three of the top ten sites are hospitals.  Two of the others are health insurance providers, while five out of the ten list are some combination of medical professionals.

Despite having a slightly different audience, healthcare has many similarities to education when it comes to SEO. The people who work in these industries search for keywords related to their jobs hence the need for healthcare marketing & SEO.

Why is SEO Important?

The internet is playing such a big part in our lives, andit is no surprise that companies compete for top places in search engine rankings. It means that SEO has become an essential element of marketing. Whether you’re selling products or services, your company’s online presence needs to be optimized to remain competitive.

1. Gain Visibility

To get on the first page of search engine results is critical to getting traffic. Otherwise, potential customers may never find you, which means they’ll go straight to your competitors instead. Good SEO places you ahead of your competition and gives you a distinct advantage in helping potential clients find your business.

2. Quicker Lead Generation

When your website visitors can find what they need quickly, it helps them decide on doing business with you. Filling out forms or making phone calls take too much time for people who are just checking if you’re the right fit. If potential clients can find the information they want without contacting you, then that’s one less barrier in the way to a sale.

3. Search Engine Trust

The algorithms search engines rank websites to know how much people trust a website when determining its place on the results page. Websites with high authority tend to be ranked higher, which means more potential customers see you instead of your competition. Good SEO builds trust and improves your authority.

4. Better Prospects

Another way that search engines determine ranking is by looking at the prospects of each website. Highly-relevant pages with lots of high-quality content are likely to rank higher, while spammy websites with little valuable information might get penalized or deleted from the listings. Good SEO keeps your site relevant and can even lead to Google sending you free visitors.


SEO is an affordable way to get the website traffic you need.  It can be used in addition to paid advertising or social media marketing with great success. However, it is essential to note that SEO takes time. If you expect results overnight, you might be disappointed as this would go against everything search engines stand for relevance and trust.If you plan to improve on visibility, generate leads faster, and have better prospects, then get started with our proven SEO services today.

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