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Yammy CBD for Athletes


Why has CBD become so popular in recent years? Part of the answer to that question has been an increase in public knowledge about the substance as well as the loosening of legal restrictions and the general disassociation of CBD health products from the stoner or cannabis culture.

Many people are today aware that CBD offers an astonishing amount – and a surprising variety – of benefits. CBD has been touted as an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, stress, sleep disorders, chronic pain, local injury, and as a means of improving concentration and attention. There is also a real diversity of different CBD products. CBD product specialists Yammy CBD alone offer such diverse products as CBD vapes, gummies, premium CBD oil, and supplements. There are many CBD products and there are lots of things you can use them for. This is why CBD has become so popular.

In light of this, it’s hardly surprising that CBD has recently been becoming ever more popular among athletes. It might sound strange to think of athletes consuming what was once so heavily associated with decidedly unathletic individuals, but the potential benefits are becoming clearer. Moreover, with such a diversity of CBD administration methods, it’s perfectly possible to integrate CBD into products more traditionally consumed by athletes, such as sports drinks and energy snacks.

What is CBD?

With all this talk of its diverse forms and effects, it’s easy to lose sight of what CBD essentially is. In essence, CBD is a substance derived from the cannabis plant. It is not, however, THC. THC is the psychoactive substance which causes the high people associate with cannabis. Nevertheless, the cannabis plant contains many more substances than just THC, with CBD being just one, particularly beneficial, example. CBD products usually contain no THC and are not psychoactive in that way. This is why the market for CBD products has extended far beyond any stoner culture.

Why Would Athletes Take CBD?

So, what are the benefits of CBD for athletes? As it happens, there are many. Here we will outline some of those benefits in broad categories. However, bear in mind that new health effects of CBD are being discovered all the time, and there are many which could be tangentially beneficial for athletes too.

For Recovery

It is well known that CBD can be a powerful aid for things like stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. In other words, it can help with relaxation. Recovery and rest are two of the most important parts of an athlete’s routine. However much we might forget about the time they spend not doing sport, it is during such times that the body recovers and must be effectively nourished to consolidate the gains of the exercise.

CBD helps not only with mental relaxation, but bodily relaxation too. This is why it’s an effective treatment for chronic pain. By incorporating CBD in the recovery process, athletes can simply get more out of it and be fresher when they return to physical exertion.

For Performance

To be clear, there is no direct link between CBD consumption and increased athletic performance. The Olympic committees would probably be quickly working on banning the substance if that were the case! Nevertheless, it has been demonstrated that CBD is a rich source of the endocannabinoids needed by the body to hydrate optimally and to extract the most nourishment from food. CBD provides more of these, which can be greatly beneficial for athletic performance.

The ease of taking CBD – and the choice you have in this area – makes the substance easy to incorporate into an athlete’s daily routine. And by doing so, numerous benefits await.

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