Storing Methadone

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Methadone


Since methadone solution typically comes in a striking green colour, it is no surprise that the liquid can be enticing and attractive to children. However, even if it is consumed in small quantities, it can be potentially fatal for them. Tragedies involving children accidentally ingesting methadone are becoming more and more common as this drug becomes a popular treatment option.

For this reason, if you keep methadone at home, you must follow the right precautions and directions for storing it. In fact, even keeping a methadone lockbox is not enough in certain cases. Not only that, but such harmful drugs must also follow compliant packaging rules to prevent any accidents.

We have compiled this thorough guide on the list of dos and don’ts regarding the storage of methadone. If you or someone you know takes methadone for treatment, keep reading this guide to learn about how you can properly and safely store it.

What is Methadone?

Before we discuss the proper methods of methadone storage, it is important to thoroughly understand what it is used for and how it is stored.

Methadone is a synthetic prescription drug or opioid that is used for a number of different types of treatments. It can help to treat and manage pain in patients. However, it is commonly used for detoxification, maintenance, or treatment of drug addiction.

There are various forms that methadone takes up, including regular tablets, dispersible tablets, concentrate solution, and regular solutions. It can also come in the form of injections or IVs that a healthcare provider can only give.

Dos and Don’ts of Storing Methadone

If you have methadone at home, it is your responsibility to store it properly. Here are some rules for storing you must follow:

Dos of Storing Methadone

1. Lock Up the Medicine

For drugs that are as dangerous and addictive as methadone, it is imperative that you keep a methadone lockbox. Additionally, keep the key hidden in a safe place so that children don’t reach it. This box should be child-proof. However, for added safety, keep it hidden from them. Never leave this lockbox unattended.

2.  Store in a Cool Room

You should always store methadone in a cabinet in the kitchen, bedroom, or any place that is not too hot or humid. It should be stored in a cool and dry room away from sunlight.

3. Add Labels to the Bottle

If you have methadone take-home bottles, make sure that a clear label is added to them to know what the bottle contains. The label on the original bottle also provides useful information about methadone. Similarly, ensure that the bottle caps are child-resistant and cannot be easily opened by them.

4. Dispose Of Expired Methadone Properly

Read the label on the methadone bottle to see if the manufacturer has provided specific instructions on how it should be stored. Otherwise, the best way to dispose of methadone is to drop it off at a local drug take-back site. Alternatively, you can flush them or toss them out in the garbage.

5.  Store Methadone Away From Children

You should store medicines like methadone high and away from children’s reach. Never leave methadone unattended and within reach of children. It should be kept in a cabinet that the children cannot reach or open.

Don’ts of Storing Methadone

6. Store It in the Fridge or Medicine Cabinet

Methadone should not be kept in the fridge because the temperatures are not suitable for such a drug.

7. Keep It in Accessible Places

As mentioned earlier, methadone should be kept out of children’s reach. This means that it should not be stored inaccessible places like the car glove box, your handbag, under the bed, on your bedside table, or any such area.

8. Share Methadone with Anyone

Healthcare providers have prescribed methadone to you specifically for your condition. And considering how harmful and addictive it can be, you should never share it with anyone unless they have a prescription for it.

9.  Consume Methadone in Front of Children

It is best if you don’t take your methadone dose in front of children. This might make them curious to try it themselves. It is best if you keep them oblivious to it altogether.

10.  Keep Methadone Past Its Expiration Date

Expiration dates exist for a reason. When methadone is past its expiration date, its chemical composition changes. This may make it ineffective or even harmful.

The Bottom Line

When you are prescribed methadone, you must store it properly and follow medication compliance packaging. This becomes particularly necessary if you have children at home. Follow these dos and don’ts of storing methadone to keep you and your family safe.

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