Can stress point to the occurrence of miscarriage

Can stress point to the occurrence of miscarriage


For an expecting mother miscarriage happens to be most dreaded word. You might thing that vaccines to be taken during pregnancy might help you prevent it, but this does not seem to be the case. For sure this would leave you a lot traumatized. Sadly mostly couples are unaware of the rising amount of miscarriages in the modern society. In case if you are planning to conceive you need to be aware about the chances of miscarriage and how you can go on to prevent it.

Definition of miscarriage?

Medical expert’s miscarriage as an unexpected loss of fetus which does takes place before the 20th week of your pregnancy. A lot of people feel that it is rare and you can term it as instant abortion. Studies do point to the fact that nearly 10 % of pregnancies are likely to end up in miscarriages. There are some important facts that relate to miscarriage that occur due to

  • The main reason for a miscarriage is due to sudden fetal death that emerges due to any abnormalities.
  • The reasons of miscarriage could relate to immune problems, hormone issues constant exposure to radiation, any type of disease to the mother or the child
  • Intercourse and sex can never cause an early miscarriage
  • The risk of miscarriage does increase if you are above the age of 35 years in comparison to the young lot.
  • The miscarriages take place before the 13th week of pregnancy
  • The most common early symptom of miscarriage appears to be stomach cramps. This you can compare to period pain and this is accompanied by a small amount of bleeding
  • For a lady who has been part of a couple of miscarriages before the chances increase considerably with the third one
  • If you are into smoking or substance abuse the chances of miscarriage increase
  • Just like vaccines to be taken during pregnancy you need to rest at a physical and emotional level at this point of time.

How you can prevent miscarriage

There are some ways that can help you prevent miscarriage in a natural way

Opt for prenatal vitamins or folic acid

  • If you take a folic acid or a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy it helps you to combat the issue of miscarriage
  • Doctors are of the opinion that you need to consume 600 mg of folic acid that reduces the chances of miscarriage to a considerable extend

Regular immunizations

There are certain chronic medical conditions that can increase the chances of miscarriage. You can prevent it by opting for regular vaccinations. In case if you cannot remember your vaccination history do maintain a note book

During the course of pregnancy you need to be part of regular medical check-ups along with blood tests. This would ensure that the growth along with development of the baby.

Last but not the least when you visit a gynecologist you should disclose your complete medical history. In doing so they can prescribe medicines in a proper manner.

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