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Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water – Fact or Fiction?


We would better hope that the touted benefits of hydrogen water are not a myth – because millions of people are already seriously interested in this fairly new product.However, its success has been rampant. If it is all a dupe, then millions have been duped already. Nevertheless, the health benefits of hydrogen water are certainly attested to by millions of satisfied customers and so, if it were a fake, it would have to be an exceptionally good one!

Aswith all new health products though, the amount of research and scientific consensus does tend to lag. That is something that is changing, but we’re not there yet. Accordingly, it might be wise to take a look at the health benefits of hydrogen water, what they are, and what the evidence for them actually is.

Alternative water experts Synergy Science (also creators of an innovative halo shield) say that the science behind hydrogen water is not complex and baffling. The safe tapping of molecular hydrogen from water is a recent and high-tech process, but hydrogen water itself is something quite simple – merely ordinary water with a higher proportion of the H2 molecule – or diatomic hydrogen. This is H2 part of the much larger H2O molecule, which we are all familiar with as, well, water itself.

What Are the Benefits?

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Therefore, to understand hydrogen water better, it might be wise to go over the touted benefits and what it is about the water that offers those benefits.

Hydrogen water is, as mentioned, ordinary water with the H2 hydrogen molecule added. Diatomic hydrogen is a much smaller molecule that H2O, and it is from this quality specifically that all the benefits are claimed to arise. But what are they?

Hydrogen water is known to provide things such as more effective hydration and is known to aid with concentration, focus, mood, stress, and anxiety. It is also thought to be very good for reducing inflammation all over the body and, therefore, as an effective auxiliary measure for dealing with pain – chronic or otherwise. Because of these advantages where pain and muscular recovery are concerned, it is also said to be a top choice for athletes and those who engage in sport.

What Causes the Benefits?

However, there must be a reason for all these benefits. Given that hydrogen is water anyway, you might be wondering just what’s so different about it.

It is thought that the body cannot absorb pure hydrogen as effectively when it is bound to the H2O molecule. This is all down to the size, and as hydrogen water molecules are much smaller than water molecules, theycan pass the blood brain barrier easier.This means more hydrogen in your system.

And it is this that purports the perceived benefits – that they are all derived from the hydrogen molecule entering the body in greater quantities. But is this true?

Fact or Fiction?

As mentioned, the research is thus far limited. However, that refers to research specifically into hydrogen water as a product. There is no shortage of scientific consensus on the effects of diatomic hydrogen on the body and we can be sure that hydrogen water will provide you with more of it.

For example, molecular hydrogen is known to reduce oxidative stress within the body (there is no oxygen involved); it is known that oxidative stress causes several major diseases and inflammation.

Therefore, it is clear that hydrogen water will help with problems which arise from oxidative stress. It is perhaps from this fact that all of hydrogen waters benefits arise. That’s not fiction – that’s fact.

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