Melasma and Its Treatment

Understanding Melasma and Its Treatments


A type of pigmentation caused due to a number of reasons, melasma is often seen in areas that are normally exposed such as the face, forearms, or neck. This can make an individual particularly uncomfortable in social settings. Further, in places like Australia where the sun can be quite harsh, melasma is a concern faced by quite a few people. Most prefer hiding the pigmentation using makeup. However, opting for a melasma permanent removal treatment hailed as the ideal solution will not only be less taxing but also more economical in the long run.

Although research has failed to determine what the root cause of melasma could be, the condition has more often been associated with hormonal changes related to progesterone and estrogen sensitivity. Women who have a darker complexion are also more susceptible to developing melasma.

Some of the known causes of melasma include:

Hormonal therapy, medication for birth control, or treatment related to pregnancy

Exposure to the sun



Treatments and Procedures Recommended for Melasma

There are a number of treatments and procedures recommended to deal with melasma patches. While some of these procedures may work for certain individuals with superficial melasma, others may require something more in-depth and permanent. Identifying the melasma triggers is also as important a part as reducing pigmentation.

Serums and lotions

For individuals with superficial melasma, sunscreen is often the first treatment option to be recommended. Creams and serums that help in reducing pigmentation are also ideal options.

Topical masks

There are certain topical masks available that help rejuvenate the skin and reduce blemishes. These treatments work to brighten the skin and make it appear radiant. Pigmentation is also reduced significantly with a single treatment carried out at a clinic. The procedure involves the application of a mask that stays on for about 8 to 12hours. This particular treatment, however, requires follow-up applications of specific creams that help in maintaining the results. Further, sun exposure after a topical mask treatment can reduce its effectiveness.

Laser Treatment

For the most effective outcomes, a melasma specialist offering treatment in Melbourne is ideal compared to creams and lotions often opted for. Aestheticians recommend laser treatments for melasma that break down the particles of pigmentation which are eventually flushed out by the immune system. This melasma treatment program involves high power pulses directed at the treatment site and requires more than a single session for optimal results. One is also required to wear sunscreen at all times during their laser treatment for melasma.

Apart from the options mentioned above, certain salons also offer treatments that are designed to help clear your skin. While they may not be as effective as laser treatments, these treatments can be considered for superficial melasma.

You can find out more about your treatment options through a consultation with a skin specialist to understand what your skin needs and the possible causes of melasma in your case. Your aesthetician can also identify the right treatment option for you based on your requirements and personalise the treatment plan for you.

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