What Is The Strongest Sleep Tea?

What Is The Strongest Sleep Tea?


When you are on the verge of finishing off a deadline by working overnight, all you may want by your side is a few cups of strong tea, isn’t it? But have you ever considered the fact that a cup of special tea can help you to fall asleep rather than keeping you up? Well, on days, you might just want to fight your insomnia, need to calm yourself down, or de-stress yourself to have a good night’s sleep. And the best tea for sleep is there to help you out. All you need to do is to find that one true bedtime bestie that will be there to make your sleep time peaceful.

Benefits of Sleep Tea

When you take the sleep tea after a tiring day of work, it immediately blends with your body and calms down your nerves for taking to a stress-free dreamy world. It is jam-packed with naturally rich ingredients that are meant to improve your sleep cycle and promote an interruption-free sleep time. Let us find out some of the numerous bene fits this special tea has to offer.

  • It helps in promoting sound sleep
  • It works fast and trims down the possibilities of getting affected by insomnia
  • It improves the disrupted sleep cycle once again
  • It helps to smooth and calm down the nerves
  • It is calming for the mind and body.
  • It helps in decreasing stress level

Ingredients of Sleep Tea

It is the organic ingredients of the best tea for sleep that make it essential for people suffering from insomnia or restlessness for a long time. Let us find out the natural elements that make this tea a special treat for the night-time.

Calendula: It works on the digestive system to make the digestion process smooth and healthy which is utterly important for a good sleep.

Dandelion Root – Known as a liver cleansing natural agent, this ingredient also helps in fighting indigestion and inflammation.

Mandarin Peel – This particular ingredient is full of antioxidants that control both blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Fennel – If you suffer from a lot of bloating, indigestion gas, or cramps due to lack of proper sleep at night, this ingredient of sleep tea will do wonders for you.

Cinnamon – This antioxidant also has effective anti-inflammatory qualities essential for a good night’s rest.

Licorice Root – The ingredient that helps in both controlling the stomach problem and reducing the stress level is this licorice root.

Cornflowers – Helps in decreasing the water retention and bloating effect from your body.

Spearmint – It is an antibacterial agent that helps in making the digestion process smooth.

Passionflower – This ingredient directly works to wipe away your bad memories of prolonged insomnia by reducing your anxiety level.

It Tastes Heavenly Too

The blend of these natural ingredients makes the best tea for sleep a real treat to the tastebuds too. You will have that sweet licorice, earthy cinnamon, and fresh spearmint blended in your mouth. These delicate flavours make this tea a perfect choice for a night-time drink.

The best time for having this special tea is of course night-time, just before going to bed. Make sure sipping this tea (warm or cold) is the last thing you do before going to bed. It is time to get back your SLEEP!

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