What Are the Common Signs of Cancer That Women Tend to Overlook

Dr. Paolo Boffetta – What Are the Common Signs of Cancer That Women Tend to Overlook


The female body undergoes many changes right from menstrual cycles till menopause. Doctors recommend women that it is very normal for you to feel different at times; however, it is prudent to get any sort of new symptoms checked by a qualified doctor. They say that some of these new changes can be symptoms and signs of cancer.

Dr. Paolo Boffetta – Lookout for signs of cancer in your body

Dr. Paolo Boffetta is a prestigious and esteemed name in the field of research when it comes to cancer epidemiology. He is from Turin in Italy and currently resides in New York. He moved to Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 2010 and is presently the Director of the Institute for Translational Epidemiology and Associate Director for Population Sciences of The Tisch Cancer Institute.

He also is the Bluhdorn Professor of International Community Medicine. He has also been associated with several prestigious posts like The Columbia University in New York, the International Agency for Research on Cancer at Lyon in France, and the German Cancer Research Center at Heidelberg in Germany.

When it comes to cancer in women, he says that some of the most common types of cancer women get are –

  1. Breast cancer
  2. Colon and rectal (colorectal)
  3. Cervical
  4. Lung
  5. Skin and
  6. Endometrial or uterus lining

You should note that other health conditions can also cause cancer symptoms and signs. However, most of them are the same for men and women. If you notice any new symptoms and signs, you must consult your doctor as they can be a warning sign of cancer.

Look out for the following symptoms for warning signs of cancer –

1. Changes in breast and nipple- This can include a discharge from the nipple, swollen breast with or without a lump, pain in the breast or the nipple, the nipple is pointing inwards, a lump in the collarbone or armpit, thick skin in the breast that is itchy and red.

2. Changes in bowels- Look out for signs of irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids, and other changes like constipation, cramps or pain in the stomach, diarrhea, unjustified loss in weight, and constant tiredness or weakness. You should consult a good doctor to regularly check your rectum and colon if you have crossed 45 years of age. Your doctor will recommend a colonoscopy. You may also poop less or more than you generally do, and this could be a sign of a tumor in the vagina or pelvic region.

3. Pain in the pelvic region, back, and stomach- If you experience pain in the torso, this could be a sign of endometriosis (the cramps you feel when you are on your periods.) However, if this pain lasts for a very long time, you should immediately visit a doctor and get a complete health check-up.

In the opinion of Dr. Paolo Boffetta if you feel bloated after a meal or during your period, daily, or even for some weeks, you should immediately inform your doctor. These signs could be a symptom of ovarian cancer, so you should visit a doctor and get a health check-up done to confirm whether you have ovarian cancer or not for treatment to begin at the earliest.

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